Tallinn has a beautiful Old Town, but there is much more than that to be seen. Our concept is to provide that something else. If it seems you’ve seen all there is to see in Tallinn or if you’re just madly into old factory buildings or if you want an insight into the Estonian economy – past, present and future, then we have something to offer. Our tours will take you to places where there is a rich industrial heritage combined with emerging business, where the old is being creatively woven into the fabric of the future.

Currently, we offer tours to Ülemiste City, hailed the „Silicon Valley of Estonia“. What now serves as a dynamic business and tech hub has also retained traces of its fascinating history as a closed Soviet factory for producing nuclear reactors for the space industry. At the same time, modern offices sprout out of old limestone structures from an even more distant period when thousands of workers produced railroad cars for the Russian Empire and for the longest railroads on the planet.

In the near future, other locations will also be available, giving you the possibility to combine a customized tour of Tallinn’s various post-industrial cityscapes. Upcoming locations include the Telliskivi Creative City, the Rotermann Quartier, Port Noblessner and others. A tour to the Old Town or to any other part of town can also be negotiated.