Tours in Ülemiste City (old Dvigatel factory)

Ülemiste City is a growing business district near Tallinn Airport that has been called the Silicon Valley of Estonia due to the fact that it has become the hub of Estonia's booming IT sector. The area is being repurposed from a major closed Soviet-era factory that used to produce experimental nuclear technology for the Soviet military and space programs. Further back in history, before the First World War, it produced thousands of railroad cars for the Russian Empire. Historical factory buildings from different periods are still visible and have been combined with modern architecture in a creative way.

A standard walking tour will last approximately 45 minutes, but this is customizable. The cost of the excursion is 50 euros for up to 10 persons, 60 euros for more than 10 persons.

Ülemiste City is also home to the e-Estonia showroom which introduces the success Estonia has had in building a digital society. A visit to the showroom can be organized as an addition to the excursion. (for further information see: